En esta sección puedes leer algunos de los comentarios que han dejado mis alumn@s o compartir tus propias experiencias sobre nuestras clases si ya has estudiado conmigo.

Opiniones de alumnos de español
Opiniones de alumnos de español

Vasilisa Chizh

Business Development/ Advertising and Gamification

I’d like to recommend Alicia as a Spanish language teacher. She is incredibly professional and it was an absolute pleasure having classes with her. But it wasn’t just enjoyable, I was also looking for a teacher who could help me make progress towards my goals, and I can confidently say that she did just that. She always supported and guided me in a gentle and friendly manner, even when I forgot or wanted to skip certain things. The materials and teaching approach were tailored to my needs and helped me study in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, I believe that personality is just as important as knowledge, and in Alicia’s case, I always felt even more motivated after our classes. It’s a perfect match, and I’m really looking forward to continuing our lessons whenever it becomes possible.

Opiniones de alumnos de español

Maria Sirotkina 

Cip agent at PayPal

Alicia is a great teacher with outstanding knowledge of the language and the ability to make the lessons fun, interesting and relaxed. She would always help me feel confident even at the beginning when I was struggling to speak Spanish by being very calm and attentive and never pushing me just giving me time to get my thoughts together. Lessons were never boring but yet they were difficult enough to keep me going and not to lose interest. Alicia is very professional and although you don’t see it during the lesson but she would always keep the lessons flow the direction she needed and softly but firmly made me speak Spanish even when I was about to switch to another language and that, in my opinion, is a quality of a natural teacher. She’s the teacher I’ve made the best progress with and I cannot recommend her highly enough as a professional and just a person of a great nature.

Opiniones de alumnos de español

Marina Kopylova

Independent E-Learning Professional

Alicia is a fantastic language teacher. Very organized classes, very well planned even though I needed many changes for my personal goals. Tons of attention to grammar.

Opiniones de alumnos de español

Alisa Reiner

UPenn ‘23, Yale ‘25UPenn ‘23, Yale ‘25

Outstanding commitment, amazing work ethics, and individual approach.

Having worked with Alicia for almost two years, I have significantly improved my reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension skills from the elementary level. From paying attention to detail, such as intonation and word phonetics, to always being friendly and approachable outside of class and in non-working hours, Alicia has demonstrated fine competency in and dedication to teaching.
I especially appreciate Alicia’s open-mindedness and tactfulness that provide for a safe and engaging learning environment.
Notably, Alicia’s command of Russian and English allow her to explain complex concepts across a variety of linguistic frameworks, facilitating my understanding of diverse grammar structures and the logic of Spanish.
Both in terms of boosting my language skills and having a great time, each class is totally worth it!

Opiniones de alumnos de español

Julia Zakharova

Customer SupportCustomer Support

Alicia is a great coach, who is helping me to improve my spanish. During our classes she always has different intersting topics that help to learn new material. Each lesson is varied and unique. New vocabulary is always given in an everyday context, which helps to learn it quickly. Watching movies in Spanish helps you to adapt and understand native-speakers.

Opiniones de alumnos de español

Prapion Medvedeva

Augmenting Human Intelligence

I work with Alicia since 2018, and she is great teacher and colleague: always creative, smart and fun. She indeed has very good work and personal ethics and applies it to teaching: as a student I saw nothing but growth mindset from Alicia.
We did Spanish lessons — I am 28 yo but we still created nut stories and I personally think that it is the best way to learn something new (I am native Russian speaker).
We did podcast about modern interpretation of Fairy Tales (1 season).
And we tried to put together a problem-solving telegram-bot (startup) which is working on Russian market but for now unfortunately we haven’t enough resources for other markets acquisition (but Alicia worked well as Spanish ambassador and lead of Spanish adaptation team).

Opiniones de alumnos de español


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Opiniones de alumnos de español

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